About Me

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream

After more than a decade of being a slave to the office I finally realised that the best part of my week was always training at the gym or attending boot camps at 5am. My trainers were all inspirational to me and so I began on the road to starting my own business.

I quit my job, which was the scariest part, and began my studies. The practical knowledge came easily with all my experience and so it was learning the theory behind the human body and health benefits that I needed.

When I successfully completed all my qualifications I was fortunate to gain work experience with Fitness First, a premium gym here in Brisbane. The trainers I had access to were amazing and really helped me gain valuable skills.


- Cert III - Personal Training - Fitnation
- Cert IV - Gym Instructor - Fitnation
- Advanced Boxing Instructor - Thump Sydney
- Apply First Aid - Nationally Accredited
- Perform CPR - Nationally Accredited
- Emergency Life Support - Nationally Accredited

My motivation comes from watching my clients achieve their goals and finally understanding that if they truly want something in life, it takes hard work and determination to get it. Doing it on your own requires an enormous amount of commitment and discipline, I am here to help when it gets tough.

My emphasis is on a healthy lifestyle and feeling great, not solely about looking in mirrors or standing on scales. If you can get out of bed and be full of energy and self esteem then the battle is halfway done. All my training takes place outside in the most beautiful park in the area, Yeronga Memorial Park. Surrounded by 100yr old gums, grass, birds and blue sky you have privacy, shelter and fresh air to keep you focused. The Souths Rugby Club allow me use of their club for times when the weather is dark and stormy.

I've moved! Please note that I have moved to the UK for a while - so am no longer taking bookings in Australia.See My New UK Site